Serving Our Community Since 2003

The Prince Hall Community Development Corporation (PHCDC) has been committed to serving our community since 2003.  The mission of the PHCDC is to nurture the growth of the members of our community.

PHCDC provides various services that range from senior citizen housing to new development in communities throughout New York State.


We promote the attainment and generation of wealth, and provide economic opportunities that lead to improved social and economic gains in areas where access to means of upward mobility are not present, and where needs exceeds resources.

We seek partnerships with companies, organizations, and institutions to promote economic empowerment that through jobs, improved housing, and business development will improve the condition in the community and benefit society. We are recognized as a vital and trusted partner providing extraordinary support.

Board Members

Charles E. Johnson, President
Prince Hall Community Development Corp.
917-557-2037 |

Calvin Martin, Vice President
David Minor, Secretary
Kevin J. Woodhouse, Treasurer
Cleveland Johnson, Jr., Board Member
Larry Mitchell, Board Member
Edward Murray Jr., Board Member
Armani B. Scott, Board Member